Richard White’s Planning Toronto: The Planners, The Plans, Their Legacies, 1940-80, has been named winner of the Ontario Historical Society’s 2017 Fred Landon Award as the “best book on local or regional history in Ontario published in the last three years.”

Available on-line from UBC Press at:

What readers have said:

… highly accomplished in its research and analysis … White handles the defeat of modernist planning and the rise of citizen activism in Toronto with real insight …

… a persuasive account of city planning in that era that is both measured and well-informed, as well as being a pleasure to read.”

… rich in historical memory, solid in useful scholarship, and engaging in the sweep of its narrative … provides future practitioners and citizen-participants alike with vital lessons from the past to inform their imaginings of the future.”

… assesses what planners really did and did not do – and why … planning history that makes you think.”


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“Toronto’s Inner Suburbs Through the Lens of Planning History” Zeitschrift für Kanada-Studien 38 (2018) [written, expanded version of keynote address presented to the conference of  the Association for Canadian Studies in German-speaking Countries, February 2017]

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“Sprawl: The View from Toronto”, review essay, Journal of Planning History, Vol 8, No 3